Make Me a Password is all about passwords which a human being can remember (or at least has some chance of remembering), but are actually secure. That is, the passwords are really passphrases, which are much, much easier to memorise (and are occasionally quite humerous). And we carefully count all the possible combinations, making mathematically certain that passwords are difficult to guess.

Recommended Usage

We recommend the passwords generated from this site are used only for memorised passwords. Use a password manager for 95% of your accounts, but you have to memorise (at the very least) the password to your password manager - and probably your computer as well. Let your password manager remember as many passwords as possible (after all, computers are very good at remembering), but let this site make your password manager password and your login password too.

More questions? There's a stack of questions and answers (some detailed and technical) at the FAQ page.


What do we mean by "secure"? There are many ways to answer that question. But here are three key points:

  1. Passwords are not saved on the server. We don't analyse, track or otherwise make any notes about your password. Ever. No exceptions. Your password needs to be secret to be effective and we make every effort to keep it secret.
  2. Passwords are sent over a secure SSL connection. This is the same as banks use and keeps 3rd parties from prying on your password.
  3. Weak or easily guessable passwords are not allowed. We mathematicly check each password generated to make sure its hard to guess.

See the FAQ and technical section for more information


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